Come with Me

Come with Me
Category: Books for Kids or Parents

by Tracy Ahrens

Kate finds herself in a dream, walking through a secret door in her closet and into the outdoors where she can fly. The book assists a children's cancer research foundation. The character is named after Kate Amato. Ages 3+

2019 Book of the Year
Kids Story Books

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Tracy Ahrens has written a wonderful story book with gorgeous illustrations. You'll read it again and again and so will your kids.
I was really moved by this book. It is an incredible tribute to Kate Amato who truly touched many lives.
Parents and kids will love this book. It is a great bedtime story. My daughter read it with me and she really enjoyed it.
Beautifully written and I love the illustrations.
This book is absolutely wonderful to read. I love how the proceeds go to the Kate Amato Foundation.
The illustrations are really nice and I love the bedtime drifting away trajectory that the story tells.
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