Chalk of the Town Silver Heart Tote Bag

Chalk of the Town Silver Heart Tote Bag
Category: Creative Crafts for Kids

by Chalk of the Town

Kids can personalize this tote bag over & over again! Write a quote, name, draw a fabulous design or simply a reminder to "call mom." Kit includes a cotton canvas tote bag, 2 chalk markers & an erasing cloth.

2019 Seal of Excellence
Creative Craft Kits

4 Review Event Comments.

The two colors of markers to give options on the bag are great. The picture is helpful to show where to draw as well since the bag is black.
Fun way for children to be creative with their tote bag with the ability to change it often
I love the idea of having something for the kids to make their own.
The packaging is very straight forward and you can tell immediately what the product is. Fun activity for kids to design their own bag.
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