Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved
Category: Card Games

by KidStuff PR

Not Parent Approved is a hilarious family card game with 455 cards which involve cultural references from Taylor Swift to wedgies. Kids must look at each other and interact in conversation. Imagine that! Available on Amazon.

2019 Game of the Year
Card Games for Familes

6 Review Event Comments.

I think kids would probably really like this game and think it's lots of fun, especially the preteen age group.
I love games that allow children to play with adults.
This is a great interactive game that the family can let down and be silly.
This is a great game! Love the creativity and the ease of being able to bring this with me anywhere for my older kids!
Looks like a fun little game that you can play at home or on the go.
Looks funny and great for ages 8+. I love games that get them off devices