Bittersweet Kids 6 Pack Hair Tie Bracelets

Bittersweet Kids 6 Pack Hair Tie Bracelets
Category: Kids Products

by AS Design

Hair tie bracelet 6 pack includes bracelets in hot pink, purple, royal blue, fuchsia, tangerine, and aqua with matching hair tie elastics. Recommended for children 5-10 years old. Bracelets are made of BPA free plastic

2019 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Fashion Products & Accessories

3 Review Event Comments.

Great design with beautiful colors. Kids will love them.
As a mom of 3 girls with long hair this is absolutely something my children would wear!
This is a wonderful product for those concerned with skin diseases that may develop from wearing hair ties on wrists. The vibrant colors, matching hair ties, and nice messages are all good touches.