Circuit Blox 59

Circuit Blox 59
Category: Builder & Construction Toys

by E-Blox Inc.

Circuit Blox 59 teaches STEM through brick compatible construction parts. Includes 59 projects to spin a motor launching a fan, light a fiber optic tree and LEDs or sound a whistle. Integrates with your existing brick sets.

2019 Preferred Choice
Educational STEM Building Kits

2019 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Construction Play

5 Review Event Comments.

I love the variety of projects and colors that are more appealing to little girls. I also like the tiny packaging.
Very colorful and love that their are multiple projects for them to build. I love when you are reading the instruction book it explains what a circuit is so the kids are learning right along with building. The pictures on the back make it look like everyone can easily build this product.
Love that you are creating something so fun! Great use of your brain. Love that you can build upon it with additional blox.
This is an excellent product to spark an interest in pnysics!
I thought the packaging and boxed explanation and pictures were great. I would be interested in buying this for a granddaughter who wants to be a scientist.
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