Spark Sequencing Cards

Spark Sequencing Cards
Category: Educational Products

by The Spark Innovations

Sequencing & storytelling picture cards that are beautifully illustrated and designed for children to work on many language skills, including prob solving inferencing and answering questions. Adapts to many levels and ages.

2019 Kid's Product of the Year
Language Development Products

10 Review Event Comments.

Love the idea of encouraging kids to see all of the details of a picture and creating their own story. Would be great writing prompts and storytelling prompts.
Concept is strong and interesting children would find amusement in using these cards.
The box of cards is very sturdy, the pictures are very vibrant. Great learning tool to help with language skills and problem solving skills.
This is a great product for helping children to organize their thoughts in a sequential manner in order to make comprehensive stories.
I love that the cards have the color on the back as well as the tab for when they get mixed up. This makes it much easier to be able keep them organized.
The cards are well made, thick and would stand up to lots of kids touching them. I could see teachers having this in their classrooms.
Very unique learning card game. I like that children can play with this on their own.
I love the graphics and the variety of sequencing activities.
The explanation on the box is so easy to see what it is and how it works.
These are brilliant! They have my kiddo engaging and learning to problem solve all on their own! The packaging tells exactly what it is, but not how great the result are. I’m super happy