Sir Dapp! Game Show

Sir Dapp! Game Show
Category: Mobile Apps for Kids

by Crystal Tree Group

The Sir Dapp! Game Show is a new mobile app for kids ages 5-7. Sir Dapp and his crew star in the "In The Know Game Show," and are excited to share their world with "contestants" who are ready to explore the fun side of right vs. rude, neatness, with a side dish of "Who did it?!" and more! The fully-voiced game lets kids choose a category, then use their noggins, learning while they play.

2019 Top App of the Year
Apps That Teach Manners

5 Review Event Comments.

This is a wonderful app I actually want my kids to play with. Very educational and fun.
It's so easy to play and my kids couldn't put it down which was okay with me since it taught them some really valuable lessons on how not to be rude.
My kids though it was really funny. We all loved the graphics.
I love how this really fun app is educational and teaches great lessons on manners and kindness.
This is an excellent learning game app that is really fun to play. Kids will love it!