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by Lyric Partners LLC

The Lullabuddy is a lullaby player & speaker that comes pre-loaded with 2 hours of Mae Robertson's award winning lullabies and love songs. The best thing about Lullabuddy is that parents love the music as well.

2019 Product of the Year
Sleeptime Aids

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Mae Robertson's award winning lullabies are wonderful! Very relaxing and they did calm my baby down.
I highly recommend this product. It's very calming. We love it!
I have a hard time getting my little one to go to sleep but this Lullabuddy is really a big help. It was easy to use and best of worked!
It not only helps my baby to sleep but I enjoyed it too. It's very relaxing and I love the design. Great product!
This is a wonderful product. It really did help my baby to sleep. It is very soothing.