ORB Odditeez Ballz

ORB Odditeez Ballz
Category: Kids Toys

by ORB

ORB Odditeez Ballz are the wacky balls that wobble, flow and splat. These transparent balls are filled with Slimi, Beadiballz, Pearlized Slimi, or Sparkle Ribbons. ORB Odditeez Ballz come in a range of colors and sizes.


2019 Seal of Excellence

3 Review Event Comments.

Fun little peach ball to play with. Love the colorful ribbon inside.
Children of all ages would enjoy this fun sparkle slime ball. The texture can help with more tactile inclined children.
Such a fun product, a twist on a classic! Perfect for kids with sensory prlccessing issues, fun Colors and sparkles!
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