Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones
Category: Kids Toys

by Water and Lightning

Our Sticks & Stones were inspired by the amazing things that you find on the ground while exploring the outdoors. Each set comes with two sticks and six stone-shaped blocks in different shapes and sizes.

2018 Toy of the Year
Wooden Block Toys

4 Review Event Comments.

What a simple concept. What a inspiring tool to explore and expand any little ones imagination. Each stone is different and yet still lightweight. Great eye popping colors.
I love the sleek, modern look of these blocks. Its a fun challenge for older kids as well as adults to get these to balance and stack.
I like the design asthetic of this. Very beautiful. I also love the colors. I like the bag it comes with too to store them in. They are nice and light too if toodler throws.
I like the idea and vision the company has. The pieces are well made.
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