Tubimal Infant & Toddler Tub

Tubimal Infant & Toddler Tub
Category: Baby & Toddler Products

by Prince Lionheart

Cutest. Tub. Ever. But wait, there,s more! It's an infant/toddler bath that stays out of the landfills by becoming a storage bin (with stackable lid) when no longer needed as a tub. Store toys, games, clothes and more.


2018 Kid's Product of the Year
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2018 Preferred Choice
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This is such a great product. I love that there are multiple functions since a bath is only used for a short amount of time! I had no idea these existed with my first two kiddos this will definatly be a must for my twins that are on the way! The colors and animals are great! So fun!
Really clever idea. I love that it's multi -functional, and that it can fit under the bed.
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