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by Goldbrick Games, LLC

Skōsh is the team-play game that turns traditional trivia on its head. Draw from hundreds of unique — and sometimes off-the-wall — questions, then pool your wits and take your best guess. You might miss the mark, but the closer you get, the quicker you’ll win. Victor or not, conversation will rule the night. It’s free-wheeling fun whether you miss by a mile or win by a Skōsh.

2015 Game of the Year
Team-play trivia game

5 Review Event Comments.

Family night will now be awesome! Great new game for young minds! Tons of questions and answer cards means no two games will be the same! Great concept. That timer is always a game changer. Love this. Great sturdy packing will guarantee longevity in our game closet hahaha
Fun for the whole family! Appropriate for all ages. -kh
Yeah finally a game my older kids will play and its age appropriate!! Super fun and gets great family conversations going. Im learning new things about my kids. So happy with this.
Love the idea of this game. Great way to learn something new! SJ
A game that is perfect for all levels! How cool to be able to play with a 7 year old up to 17 and everyone helping by giving their best guess. I love this concept, because I find it hard to include all of the different ages in my house in thinking games.