RIVAL 5 The Number Strategy Game

RIVAL 5 The Number Strategy Game
Category: Children's Games

by RIVAL 5 Game LLC

RIVAL 5 is an easy to learn, brain-training game of skill and chance, for ages 9-99. As a STEM tool, for 2-6 players, it is ideal for the classroom and at home. Families reported that the replay factor was off the charts.


2018 Game of the Year
Strategy Games

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Looks like a great game that encourages practicing math skills. Fun for the whole family.
It is great to help build math skills while still having a fun competitive game.
Great product for parents that enjoy learning-based play. Very colorful board, chips, and product packaging. I liked the game board was designed to fit in a square box and the instructions are on the box itself, so never a worry if you lose them.