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by ALLWALLS Playsets

ALLWALLS Playsets are a clever ceation! These "buildings" unfold into various properties. There is a Cabin, a Dentist Office, a House, an Auto Repair Shop/ Gas Station, a Fashion Boutique, a Mini-Mart, a Barn, a Diner, a Schoolhouse, a Travel Center and The Grand Walls Hotel that stands three stories high! They open up and unfold to form whichever building you have so a child can play inside. Then, when playtime is over, you simply fold them back up and they easily fit on a shelf. They are designed for creativity and imagination, while at the same time helping parents because they fold up into a nice slim package. These ingenious playsets are also washable, waterproof and perfect for Wet Erase Markers. Draw, Color, Wipe, Repeat! They are extremely durable, expandable and retractable. Create a different floorplan every time you play. Collect them ALL and "Build your own Town!" They accommodate most ALL Toys, Action Figures, and Barbie Dolls from 1" to 12", plus all those forgotten toys in your toybox! BYOA ( Bring Your Own Accessories) Accessories Not Included.

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Great simple and mobile fun. This ensures endless possibilities. Your cabin will be diffrent each time you play. Thick plastic covered design makes this most durable. It also has no “paper cut” edges to hurt little ones fingers.
This is such a cool little playset! I love that your child can still have the imaginative play but without having to store huge bulky toys! I like that you can take this on a road trip too... just bring along a couple of barbies or figurines and you are all set. This folds up nicely for storage. The colors and details are so cute!
This is really fun to be able to make your own cabin. It's neat to be able to make your own house in your own space. Nice that its easy to store and quick clean up. great that it is USA made