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by Bananagrams

A family-fun word search game. Players take turns rolling the die, flipping the letter chips & creating words with the overturned letters. The unused letters get flipped back over so remember where they are. Most pits wins!


2018 Travel Fun Product of the Year
Travel Games

6 Review Event Comments.

a great way to play scrabble and have a fun way to do it. it's nice that all the pieces are stored in one place
Great concept to help children with learning to spell words and read.
Cute game that is much like connect 4 but with an educational twist. Great that it is a fun game that encourages practicing spelling.
Super cute packaging! A fun new take on word games to encourage kids to use their brains.
This product encourages kids to be creative and to pay close attention. I love that it comes in a stow away pouch!
easy to carry along engages the whole family love the case to keep it all together
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