Little Partners Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center

Little Partners Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center
Category: Art Products

by Little Partners

The Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center includes three height-adjustable sides - chalk board, felt board, and magnetic dry erase board- and a paper holder. Four non-spill paint cups and a large shelf keep supplies organized.

2018 Kid's Product of the Year
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2018 Creative Play of the Year
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Develops children art talents while playing. One side to use with chalk, other side for dry erase and the last side for paper pictures
I love the 3 different sides of this learning/art center. The adjustable height is nice for your growing child. I like how you can keep supplies organized with the large attached shelves.
This is a beautiful easel I like that it is 3 sided. The felt is really cool. I like the little pouches for the paint, etc. I also like the platform on the bottom if you need to store any items.