Virtuoso Bears (available in Amadeus and Ludwig)

Virtuoso Bears (available in Amadeus and Ludwig)
Category: Plush Toys

by Vosego Pte. Ltd.

Introducing Virtuoso Bears with the adorable likeness to Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. These cuddly pals carry 40 minutes of carefully selected tracks of sonatas, concertos and symphonies.

2018 Plush Toy of The Year
Musical Plush

4 Review Event Comments.

I liike this product for babies and small children. Very soothing
soft semi cute bear , love that it plays so much beautiful music
This bear is made of high quality fabric and is very soft. I would feel good about giving this bear to my kiddo. The music is at the right sound level and is very comforting. I would expect to pay about $35 for this bear.
I think it is soothing and relaxing helps for concentrating.