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What if you had wings to take you to school? Now it's possible with Bixbee Rocketflyer. Our patented horizontal design with ergonomic attributes is designed to carry weight at waist level and capture the imagination!

2018 Preferred Choice
Kid's Creative Backpacks

5 Review Event Comments.

i love this backpack for toddlers. I think little ones will really like wearing a backpack that is so much more than just a plain backpack. I especially like that it would encourage kids to pretend fly...and that the compnay donates one to charity
Encourages my son to WANT to carry all of his own stuff. The velcro closures makes it easy to secure all of his items.
This adorable little bag has several little zippers and pouches for your little guy to put his treasures in. It has some nice padding in the back. The velcro is a nice touch when your little guy is too busy to zip it up.
I love this backpack's unique shape. What a great idea. The colors and rocket is adorable.
Love the design. Looks well made there is lots of storage. This can be unisex I love that the company gives a school bag and supplies for every backpack purchased
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