Creative Cafe Barista Bar

Creative Cafe Barista Bar
Category: Creative Play Products

by CA Marketing Group

FOOD Activity Category - Creative Cafe Barista Bar at $29.99. Everyone loves coffee and making coffee drinks and now girls can make their own flavored "latte" like drink just like a true Barista. It is battery operated and does not use heat, food packets are sourced in the US. Includes: Creative Cafe© Barista Bar, Drink Maker Studio, Frothing Pitcher, 4 7oz. Barista cups, 2 spoons, 2 sprinkle shakers, 2 packets of flavored powder (choc/strawb), 3 stencils (heart, leaf, swirl),3 Recipe Cards, 1 Tips & Tricks

2018 Kid's Product of the Year
Food Activities for Kids

2018 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Pretend Play

6 Review Event Comments.

Like the concept and the fact that no heat is needed
Love this cute little barista bar! Comes with fun sprinkles and stencil shapes to dress up your drinks.
I like the only other supply you will need is milk. It can be used more than once without having to purchase any additional items.
The packaging is colorful and appealing to children. Likes like they can make real coffee.
Your little one can have their friends over and make coffee for them, is safe and includes flavors.
With this cute mini professional coffee company. Children will be creating their own coffee drinks for parents and enjoying the time with friends. I love the cute designs