Category: Dolls & Accessories

by Tree House Kids, Inc.

Backpets are more than dolls with pets; it's a whole world of friends and sisterhood, brought together through shared experiences and different cultures. Each girl carries her best friend in a backpack wherever she goes!

2018 Toy of the Year
Adventure Doll Collection

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Well made doll! I love that it comes with the backpack with the little dog inside.
What an adorable thing to have a little pet back pack with your doll I love it and what a fun idea. My daughter would definately enjoy this.
Dolls and their pets! A safe bet for any child! I like how they represent different countries, appealing doll and pup, nice mini coloring book is an extra bonus.
I love this concept and how much creativity it evokes! I also love the variety of countries represented by the other characters.