Magformers Log Cabin 87Pc Set

Magformers Log Cabin 87Pc Set
Category: Builder & Construction Toys


Go on a forest adventure with Magformers Log Cabin 87Pc Set! Use Magformers building techniques to create Cabins, Treehouses and more! Decorate your log cabins by clipping in balconies and walls. Add windows, ladders & more!

2018 Toy of the Year
Builder Construction Toys

2018 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Construction Play

5 Review Event Comments.

The packaging is colorful and bright. It shows the products well.
I love that they are magnets anf that assembly is acheivable. I also like that there is insttuctions on how to build things. You can use it over and ovver again.
Uniques idea to get children building things and using your imagination. Love that they are magnets
I like the creative ways you can build a cabin or a fort
very colorful and nicely display good quality for 3 d display
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