Unicorn Nail Set

Unicorn Nail Set
Category: Creative Play Products

by Three Cheers For Girls

Set includes more than 85 pieces. Featuring an inflatable unicorn shape soaking bowl, matching emery board, toe separators, nail stickers, adhesive plastic gems, 3 bottles of nail polish and 1 bottle of glitter top coat.


2018 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Fashion Play

5 Review Event Comments.

Very cute and colorful. Lots cute things to do with your nails
It comes with alot of different pieces. The unicorn soaking tub is so cutee and it makes it stand out from other nail design kits.
Love this. Makes it fun for girls and safe to use.
The packaging is appealing. My daughter loves painting her nails and would absolutely love this product.
This is great for girls 8 years and older. It includes an inflatable soaking unicorn bowl.
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