Zazu ZOE Portable Noise Machine

Zazu ZOE Portable Noise Machine
Category: Baby & Toddler Products

by Interactive Childrens Products

Zoe is an adorable rechargeable sound machine with 8 different sound options that activate when a child cries, wireless speakers, volume control and a night light. Small enough to attach to cribs, strollers and for travel

2017 Seal of Excellence (Creative Child Awards Program)
Sleeptime Aids

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Wow this little thing is so usable! The wireless and small size makes it easy to put almost anywhere! It also comes with 8 different settings!
The design is super cute! I love the colors and animal is baby like and cute. The settings are great with a wide variety.
This can fit almost anywhere. The shape is easily stored and used. Easy to read instructions and the songs are peaceful. Can put my baby to sleep easily!