Biz in a Boxx CEO Prodigy

Biz in a Boxx CEO Prodigy
Category: Dress-Up and Pretend Play

by Boxx Productions LLC

The CEO Prodigy is a hands-on entrepreneurship kit designed for kids ages 7 to 10 who want to easily start their very own business around any idea for a product or service.

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This is a great learning tool/toy
Having kids that are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, it is hard to find kid friendly products to walk them through building a business. I love this concept!! The book includes definitions and all the "How to" that they will need to start a simple business. It would also be great as a "Make believe" kit for little ones who just want to play business. rl
Such a fun way for kids to learn business skills at a young age. This will be a great learning idea for kids to have fun with. Just like when you're little and play doctor, and cops... Now you have the tools to be a business man or women. G.m
I absolutely love this. The padfolio is amazing and made of great quality. This can be very motivating for those little future entrepreneurs. V.M.