Handee Band Resistive Band Exercise Kit for Kids

Handee Band Resistive Band Exercise Kit for Kids
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by Francesca Avalli

Handee Band Resistive Exercise Kit For Kids 3-7 years old and up: An Independent way For Kids to Exercise all by themselves at Home or with the Whole Family. A Way for Teachers to Get Students Exercising in the Classroom!! 1 Handee Band (4 Feet long, 6 lb Resistance Band with Hand Prints printed on the band) 15 Handee Illustrated exercises with easy to follow 5-step directions Reusable Dry Erase Handee Checklist, to track progress 1 Dry Erase Handee Marker 1 Handee Band Spinner Board Game, it fits perfectly in the vinyl bag in the back of your Handee Band Exercise Kit for safe keeping. 16 Stickers of each Handee Band character, to have fun with when taking a break from exercise! Resistive Band (NOT Latex-Free) is 99.998% free of Soluble Proteins (Latex Allergens)


2017 Product of the Year (Creative Child Awards Program)
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The idea of this work out for kids is awesome! Its a new idea i havent seen, it would keep kids fit and occupied!
I love how many ideas and poses they can create with this. It bolsters creativity and imagination and motor skills!
This is a great item for kids! The book has pictures and are very easy for kids to understand. Plus the band has pictures of where to put your hands so the kids know right where to put them.