The My Weird School Game

The My Weird School Game
Category: Kids Games

by All Things Equal, Inc.

The My Weird School game is based on the bestselling books by Dan Gutman (11 mill. sold.) Players score points by completing a hilarious sentence. Develops math, reading & strategic thinking skills & is really fun! Ages 6-10.

2017 Game of the Year
Educational Reading Skills Games

3 Review Event Comments.

The color and packaging is nice and eye catching. The game is fun and hilarious! It also opens up the possibility of reading the books it's based off of.
It is a great educating game! It shows reading and strategic thinking skills and those are two strong learning lessons kids struggle with the most. Love the idea game and i think it will keep my kids interest.
The age group is perfect for family night. The idea of the game is also unique and i think families would have a lot of fun playing it.