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by Sentosphere USA

TopScent is a fun game which reflexes, concentration & olfaction challenges you! Deal the cards equally. The players must all smell the same aroma diffuser without revealing their answer to the other players. The dice is thrown, the game starts. Each player draws the first card of their deck clockwise. Once the Fruit is recognized, the number of times indicated on the dice, top the cards with your hand and win the stack of cards, if correct & if not you are out of the round.

2017 Game of the Year
Games Using Olfactory Senses

5 Review Event Comments.

I like the concept of the game to engage the senses of your child
Very cute idea, encourages paying attention and memory skills
Great concept. Uses your senses. Having patience and observing the card allows teaching tools at a young age.
could be fun for a party, board games are always a hit
An intriguing and unique idea that I could easily see my family playing.
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