Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

Sidewalk Paint Sprayer
Category: Indoor & Outdoor Play

by Crayola

Design and spray on colorful outdoor designs with the Crayola Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer. This sprayer lets you transform any ordinary outdoor surface, even those covered with snow or grass, into a blank canvas.

2017 Kid's Product of the Year
Outdoor Art Play

6 Review Event Comments.

Great consumable outside play gift, sometimes consumables are best ! Fun healthy outside creative toy
A very fun idea! I love that it's a hand pump and that you also get stencils.
Great new way of reinventing chalk drawing. Wonderful for outdoor play and keeping up with the times.
Great, bright colors. Love that the sprayer is kid powered with no batteries.
I have never seen anything like it! Very fun and cool. Allows for creative.
Definitely makes sidewalk chalk painting easier and cleaner. Appreciate the "kid powered" description so I know no batteries are required.
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