Wacky Links connector Series

Wacky Links connector Series
Category: Builder & Construction Toys

by Wacky Links

Contains a variety of multi-peg connectors Multi-Peg Charms 15 Tubes 20 Charms Connector Series


2017 Creative Play of the Year
Builder Construction Creative Play

2017 Toy of the Year
Builder Construction Creative Play

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Build Wear and Share wacky links. very creative.
Create! Create! Create! Endless creations in one small package! I imagine them on a long flight keeping little ones engaged the whole flight. No two creations will be the same. Great colors. Very flexible tubes and easy to apply the connectors.
A fun little project; while the packaging isn't appealing, its size is very convenient.
This looks like a fun activity to keep kids busy, would consider it for my grandkids.
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