UGears Locomotive with Tender

UGears Locomotive with Tender
Category: Kids Toys

by Ukidz LLC d.b.a. UGears US

460 Locomotive with Tender employs all technical solutions UGears have come up with for previous models, and more. It looks realistic and unique at the same time and shows off the UGEARS style and modeler skills prominently.

2017 Toy of the Year
Model Toys

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For engineering minds and model makers, this looks both engaging and challenging.
Wonderful construction project for an older child
Love the idea of this product! The intricacy of it is great for older children . I also love that when the model is finished it actually runs, that will encourage the child to finish the project once they start it.
acts as drool catcher and teether
I like the idea of it
Nice to have teeth hooked to baby