Lucky to Live in...series

Lucky to Live in...series
Category: Books for Kids or Parents

by Arcadia Publishing

Each Lucky to Live In... book in the 41-book series is a cross between a storybook and a memory book. Read-aloud rhymes and fill-in-the-blank prompts are designed to capture a child's story. Left-hand pages set the stage for an interesting topic. Then the right-hand pages invite children to record their own views to create a personal history book.

2017 Book of the Year
Interactive Memory Books

6 Review Event Comments.

Such a fun beginning journal. I like it offers unique info about your state. Cute illustrations and engaging questions.
Adorable custom book for every age. Bright colors and cute story
The images and child interaction are great. Love that it encourages the child to participate as they read.
I love this! A kids time capsule that created memories and is also personalized with were they live.
I loved this product! The pictures were amazing. I would buy this.
Great idea to make the book personalized for the child. Love the bright illustrations and cute pictures.