Spider-Man Muscle Deluxe Costume Top Set

Spider-Man Muscle Deluxe Costume Top Set
Category: Dress-Up and Pretend Play

by Imagine by Rubie's

From Spider-Man Homecoming the Spider-Man Muscle Chest Shirt Set from Imagine by Rubies includes long-sleeved muscle shirt (foam backed) and fabric mask.


2017 Preferred Choice (Creative Child Awards Program)
Character Dress-Up

3 Review Event Comments.

Nice quality to this costume! Can be pretty versatile with size and doesn't look like the cheaper ones you pick up for Halloween. My kids wear costumes like this year round, a must have for the dress up box!
The detail is amazing! The mask looks like it would fit and is breathable. The shirt is also flexible-ish and my daughter and son would love it!
I love the quality of the mask and the shirt it s really well made tithe details are great