TAG The Art Game

TAG The Art Game
Category: Kids Games

by American Educational Products

In this collaborative art game players take turns painting, drawing, and collaging to create an abstract piece of art. Using a color wheel spinner, die, and cards, each player is guided on their contribution for their turn.


2017 Game of the Year
Art Games for Kids

2017 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Play

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An unusual way to stimulate a child's desire for art
This is great, it includes all the supplies for making art and letting the child be creative.
Great game to create masterpieces! Alot of children have artistic capabilitties within and dont even know it. Pull a card, spin the wheel, or roll the dice and who knows the delights that will come. Love it! Supplies are easily replacable or add your own.
Cool kids to build on one another's art project. Great way to get your kids to work together! And learn how to complete s project together.