BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube
Category: Educational & Electronic Toys

by BOSEbuild

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube enables children to discover how speakers work through a series of hands-on activities that end with building a high-performance Bluetooth speaker that they can enjoy for years.

2017 Kid's Product of the Year
Kid's Educational Electronic Kits

2017 Preferred Choice (Creative Child Awards Program)
Educational Discovery Products

3 Review Event Comments.

This is a great concept! I like the customizable features.
This is a super cool experience for your child to see how things work as they put things together and end up with an awesome BOSE speaker. Your child will feel accomplished and can enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Love this! Bluetooth speakers are a must have for tweens. I like that you can build your own and see the components of what's inside the speaker!