The Real Tooth Fairies Every Kindness Counts Program

The Real Tooth Fairies Every Kindness Counts Program
Category: Educational Products

by The Real Tooth Fairies

Girls are counting kind acts they do to help the Tooth Fairy make the world a better place. They go online and pick Kind Acts to do in their family, moving up 8 Kindness Levels and earning Ribbon Awards and Kindness Charms!

2017 Seal of Excellence (Creative Child Awards Program)
Kids Positive Behavior Programs

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This concept is cute and encourages kids that would otherwise do unkind things to think about their actions.
Great product to stimulate kindness to others.
To encourage children to think of others instead of themselves is challenging at young ages. This is a wonderful reward based product that will teach them and hopefully carry that action on as they get older. Brilliant!
The message behind this product is fabulous! Products that encourage acceptance and discourage bullying are wonderful for this age groups. The purple and pink colors are sweet and go nicely with the product.
As a mom and grandmother, I love this product and anything that encourages kindness. Great idea! I would purchase this product.
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