Safari Bowl

Safari Bowl
Category: Kids Games

by BeginAgain Toys

The Safari Bowl game by BeginAgain is a wild take on bowling for kids with a variety of ways to play. Eco-friendly made, aim and roll balls with an elephant toward giraffes (pins), monkeys (wickets) and targets.

2017 Game of the Year
Preschool Action Play

2017 Eco-Friendly Product of the Year
ECO-Friendly Games

3 Review Event Comments.

It has a nice packing style when trying to store the game. The detail is cute the paint doesn't seem to be easily chipped. Great quality.
I love that the game is learning and the animals can be too! The durability is fabulous!
I love this idea! The safari is such a cute theme! The game looks fun too. All wood is a nice feature you don't see a lot of that now a days.