VR1 Virtual Reality Glasses DIY

VR1 Virtual Reality Glasses DIY
Category: Kids Products

by Funsparks

For only $3.99 you'll have a blast assembling theses DIY VR Glasses with your kids and watching a 3D video or use them for educational purposes. They work with all smartphone sizes and hundreds of apps are free to download.


2017 Preferred Choice
Virtual Reality Products for Kids

4 Review Event Comments.

This is a great project to do with kids that keeps them interested because its for electronics! Its n a great price range and can be used on a lot of different apps. How COOL!
Fun way to use electronics and creativity. I love that they are diy.
I am drawn to this product because it references google. But not sure it's purpose.
Fun way for kids to try a new hype. Like the instruction illustration.
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