Dueling Stomp Rocket

Dueling Stomp Rocket
Category: Indoor & Outdoor Play

by D&L Company, LLC

The Dueling Stomp Rocket has a special launch stand and lets two kids launch their rockets at the same time, up to 200 feet! This best seller is 100% kid powered, requiring no batteries.


2018 Preferred Choice
Outdoor Play

4 Review Event Comments.

What a fun product! Great to get the kid outside and play. Love that no batteries are required!
Great quality and works really well. Love the aspect of two kids playing together.
I have twins so the duel rockets at pert I like tha it comes with 4 rockets and that they ar different colors super fun
Great idea of 2. I love the idea it goes so high. Science lesson involved. Do love this product.
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by D&L Company, LLC