Frogglez® Goggles

Frogglez® Goggles
Category: Kids Gear and Apparel

by Made By My Dad, LLC

Frogglez® Goggles are swim goggles made out of neoprene material with a patented strap design. They are very comfortable, easily adjustable and are for non-competitive swimmers ages 3-12. Fun, stylish and they float!

2015 Kid's Product of the Year
Kids Gear

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This should have been around a million years ago. Kids hate wearing goggles but hate swimming without them. This is brilliant! Problem solved! -SB
Great for so many reasons....easy to put on and off, floats and doesn't get tangled in hair.
It's great that they made them comfortable, my nephew always complains that his googles hurt him... So these would be perfect.
Comfort is ideal, love this. V.M.
Awesome design. Easy to use.
No more knots! Love this product. Comfy and doesn't pull hair.