Paint Your Own Elsa Bank

Paint Your Own Elsa Bank
Category: Creative Crafts for Kids

by Peachtree Playthings

Explore your creativity and paint your own collectable Elsa bank!

2017 Seal of Excellence (Creative Child Awards Program)
Painting Crafts

2017 Creative Play of the Year
Creative Play

6 Review Event Comments.

For the little artist! They would love to paint this!
Very cute! I love the limited color palate and how large the coin slot is.
Such a fun creative activity, she's pretty and appealing
Fun Elsa figure that is usable. Great face - love that the face is already painted and all the kids have to paint is the clothing and hair. Nice concept.
Love this, great paint, realistic Elsa to paint.
Elsa is still very desirable. Every kid loves having a bank. I like that than can paint it the way they want. I really like that it's not glass.
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