Jenga Giant

Jenga Giant
Category: Games for Families and Parties

by Art's Ideas (Division of RKG, Inc.)

A collaborative game which starts with an 18-level tower of premium hardwood blocks. Players move blocks from lower completed levels to build higher levels. The last person to place a block before the tower collapses, wins.

2015 Game of the Year
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5 Review Event Comments.

We had so much fun playing the small version! I could see my friends and family having a BLAST with this Giant one! Great game for every age! -JL
great for the entire family.
Jenga is always a go to at my house hours of fun. Young and old enjoy
Jengas always a fun game for the whole family. Teaches you to be patient and careful. Using your brain and analyzing what would hAppen if you pulled one piece out. G.m
Great game for the whole family!