Hide & Seek Interactive Plush Toy

Hide & Seek Interactive  Plush Toy
Category: Kids Toys

by Hide and seek, llc

10 inch plush kitty has a computer inside belly. Patent. Allows for the game of Hide and Seek to be played. Press paw, hide. Calls out "Im over here!" When found will respond "You found me, you found me! Give me a big hug!!


2017 Toy of the Year
Interactive Plush

2017 Seal of Excellence (Creative Child Awards Program)
Kid's Games

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Who doesn't Love to play hide and seek, fun for the kid in all of us.
Nice twist in an old classic game, cute plushy and book
A very cute and creative idea! This is a great way to tire your child out before bedtime (and then you get to read them the book in bed!).
Very cute idea for a child who may not have another child to play hide and seek with.