Demolition Lab: Wrecking Ball

Demolition Lab: Wrecking Ball
Category: Builder & Construction Toys

by SmartLab Toys

Build an abandoned schoolhouse or mix-and-match pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind structures, then knock em down with the wrecking ball using the science of energy, momentum, and other principles of physics.

2015 Preferred Choice
Preschool Action Play

6 Review Event Comments.

My kids can come up with some creative structures and ways to demolish them. I like that they can grow with this set, get creative, and learn to stack the towers themselves.
A great building and constructing toy for kids to create for fun play.
Great for science and learning/construction play. Boys need more pretend play toys! - SE
I wish that I had this when my son was smaller! Now at 15 he might have outgrown toys - more into sports and apps now but he was very into building and construction at age 8! -MKW
Cool idea! and it promotes creativity. JA
This looks like so much fun! Kids would love to build and wreck and build again! -KJ
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