Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pals
Category: Plush Toys

by Kayle Concepts LLC

Bluebee Pals are a huggable plush companion that sings, reads and answer phone calls. Our advanced technology includes lip synchronization that allows the animal’s “mouth” to move while you’re singing songs, reading storybooks or learning apps. Surprise and entertain your family and friends when you use your Bluebee Pal as a wireless speaker phone. Bluebee Pals and Apps are a perfect marriage of technology. Their broad range of compatibilities provide educational opportunities for mainstream and special needs children. We are partnering with various therapists, teachers, app developers and organizations to provide our customers with a “tech companion” that can contribute to your child’s educational development. Bluebee Pals are instrumental in classroom settings and at home environments.

2015 Toy of the Year
Interactive Plush