City Ride

City Ride
Category: Builder & Construction Toys

by Mukikim, LLC

Build A Track line encourages Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Logic & Interaction. Fun Activity & Play Time! The City Ride has 75 pieces. Pieces fit together easily (No tools needed). x3 More styles available in this line

2015 Toy of the Year (Baby Maternity Awards)
Builder Construction Track Toys

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Would be fun if you don't have a lot of room cp
This looks like a fun activity that will will be fun to assemble and play with. I like how there are many pieces and a car included.
Great for an engineering mind!!!!! helps with creativity . Fun
A great activity that you can design in many different ways. My boys love cars & tracks. They'd go crazy over this!
Great for an engineering mind! So many different ways to build the track! Fun! Mh
Promotes creativity. Great design. Hours of entertainment. Sg
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