What Not to do at the Zoo

What Not to do at the Zoo
Category: Books for Kids or Parents

by Go Be Silly

This delightful children\'s book takes a look at what would happen if you gave a warthog your math homework or a giraffe a hula hoop. See what silly things these animals will do if you let them.


2015 Book of the Year
Creative Reading Books

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A fun/silly book that your child will want to read time and time again! The illustrations alone are fun to look at! -kh
Awesome illustrations! So awesome to promote creativity. Very good book. And funny! I see my daughter giggling on the floor hahaha
Love the creativity embedded into this ....so unique and funny. JH
This book is so funny and cute. The illustrations are very detailed and beautiful. My kids would love this book. Even the older ones. It made me smile. -mc
Very very cute illustration, and the easy to read book made me chuckle! KM