Tot on the Pot

Tot on the Pot
Category: Baby & Toddler Products

by Tot on the Pot, LLC

An all-inclusive, play-based potty training system that provides parents and kids with everything they need to dump the diaper in a fun, engaging & healthy way. Parent & Kid's Book Tot Doll & Potty 20 Activity Reward Cards

2018 Preferred Choice
Toddler Products

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What an ingenious idea. Make it into a game so they will want to learn and then doing fun things when they go. For sure meets a need.
Great concept to help little ones potty. This product takes some of the pressure off moms and makes it a game for the little ones. Awesome creation.
This product is also great for New Mother's or those that aren't. Keeps everything organized and clear.
This is a super fun way to potty train your kiddo! It is interactive for both the parent and the child and makes learning to go potty fun! I tried everything to get my kiddo potty trained and so far this looks like so much fun!