Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur DNA

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur DNA
Category: Educational Products

by Toysmith

This award winning and innovative kit is where the prehistoric and the modern worlds collide. Bring dinosaurs to life through Augmented Reality. Excavate and build your very own glow-in-the-dark T-Rex model. Collect the buried DNA to complete the double helix chain on the supplied mat. Using the free Dino Codes app (Google Play or iTunes), scan the mat with your mobile device bringing this prehistoric beast to life. Take photos and videos of yourself interacting with T-Rex and instantly share via email, text, or social media. Host a prehistoric party and have guests get their picture taken with a virtual dinosaur! Triceratops and Stegosaurus also available and sold separately.


2018 Kid's Product of the Year
Excavation Kits

2 Review Event Comments.

Very cool to get to dig up your own dinosaur bones and put them together. I like that it brings DNA into it to introduce and teach kids about what makes living things. I also like that you can go farther and download and app and learn more about the dinosaur. Also being able to upload pictures is esciting.
Fun way to get children to learn about dinosaurs. Digging and chopping is so much fun