Crazy Drinks Science Lab

 Crazy Drinks Science Lab
Category: Educational Products

by The Quarto Group, SmartLab Toys

Crazy Drinks Science Lab contains all the gear and instructions to create 20 drinkable science experiments using common household ingredients. Explore scientific principles in a tasty, digestible way!

2018 Kid's Product of the Year
Science Kits

6 Review Event Comments.

I. Like that this encourages kids to experiment and play scientist.
It is a really fun a an approachable kit to chemistry, I like how every piece is durable and the numbers on the cylinders are easily readable.
I like that it ties science with drinking. Children like to mix different flavors to see what they taste like and this makes it into an experiment.
The packaging is appealing to kids. I like that the product is reusable with other things than measuring drinks.
I love that you can drink your experiments. What a fun way for kids to not only play but enjoy their drinks that THEY made. I love the crazy straws coming with it for even more fun adn the cute science shaped cups.
What an awesome product! This really will bring out your kid's inner scientist! Fun bonding times are sure to ensue with my daughter along with the thirst for learning more. I like that the funky straws are included!