Teapot Doll

Teapot Doll
Category: Dolls & Accessories

by Lovee Doll

13'' Electronic cuddly baby-toddler doll that sings a very special nursery rhyme song: ''I'm A little Teapot short and stout.'' Comes with play Teaset plastic accessories.


2017 Toy of the Year
Playset Dolls with Accessories

2 Review Event Comments.

My young daughter would love this doll, she loves dolls but this doll sings (bonus)! Kids can play tea party for hours, this doll will allow children to play and use their imagination. The doll is cute and the bright pink packaging caught my eye.
This doll is so cute! The dress seems like a nice durable fabric and has great color to it. Also the packaging looks so eye catching!
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